An Isolated Ivory Tower.


Moscow and Washington are at loggerheads over the Ukrainian issue, yet one reason that Russia simply does not want Americans or their vassals anywhere near its borders is due not only White House warmongering, but the methodology behind it. This article will investigate not only America’s wars, but the mentality behind them.

NIMBY. Not In My Back Yard.

The United States until very recently has had the same advantage that Britain enjoyed for so long insofar as there is no land connecting it with potential adversaries. With Canada to the north and Mexico to the south, there has never been the possibility of it being invaded whilst it has invaded so many others. This has meant all the benefits of war are there to be had without the faintest risk of blowback. The missile age has put paid to that in the same way that Stukas bombed a previously untouchable Britannia, yet either in or out of NATO, it has always attacked those that could not inflict damage on the American homeland in revenge. We now need to look at a few examples of how the US has hit the weakest hardest; an exhaustive list of Washington’s victims would be overly long, the following being just some of the crimes.


The damage that the RAF and USAAF wrought on Dresden is well known. This was the only bombing raid of the Second World War where causing a firestorm was the objective, the hardwood buildings of the city causing huge casualties upon the civilian population. What is less known is that a very similar raid, Operation Meetinghouse, was carried out against Tokyo a little over three weeks later. This targeted the civilian areas of Tokyo which were known to be made of bamboo which was much more flammable than the woods found in Dresden. This operation was the most destructive single air raid in history, leaving around 100,000 dead. Five years later in 1950, the US (under the auspices of the UN) did exactly the same to numerous Korean cities, both flattening and cremating them, killing at least 1.5 million people. Investigators the next year stated that ‘The members, in the whole course of their journey, did not see one town that had not been destroyed, and there were very few undamaged villages.’

Time and again, the American war machine chose to commit ungodly crimes against those who could not fight back.

The Vietnam War.

This article is not concerned with the war per se, tactics and casualties being of greater concern. The use of Agent Orange remains to this day the greatest use of chemical weapons in history, it causing horrendous injuries to the Vietnamese people (and US personnel) at the time, but even to this day, birth defects still happen due to its use. In terms of bombs dropped, South Vietnam received a little under twice the tonnage of bombs as the US dropped in the Second World War, yet with so much of the country covered with jungle, few if any of the bombs dropped were ever aimed at a specific target.

The Former Yugoslavia.

Many Eastern Bloc states suffered instability after the fall of the USSR, yet divisions in Yugoslavia reached boiling point. That some measures be taken to calm the situation is without doubt, yet the US under NATO took it upon itself to involve itself in affairs which were not its concern. Not only was Washington thumbing its nose at Moscow (and to a degree Brussels) it went on a rampage across the country, afterwards creating a country out of nowhere. What had been a war-torn country was ravaged by the effects of the NATO intervention, but the effects of the American use of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition is causing negative health effects to this day. A country with divisions was then divided completely, a number of weaker states being easier to coerce into agreeing with whatever plans the White House had for them in the future.

The Afghanistan War.

This was launched by NATO after the 9/11 attacks in spite of many of the perpetrators being from Saudi Arabia. 20 years of occupation saw well over 50,000 civilians die, yet some estimates put that figure much higher. In the hope of gaining superiority through the use of technology and air power, NATO stepped into the arena that the US had engineered in order to topple the Soviet Union. Having had even less success than Moscow, NATO left a thoroughly ruined country nearly 20 years later, the same Taliban they deposed in 2001 immediately returning to power. One very interesting point is that whilst the US left in such haste, it was in no hurry whatsoever to help evacuate any allies as they also ran for the door.


In the 18 years since Washington invaded Iraq under the wholly false pretext of WMDs, upwards of a million civilians have died in Iraq. To put that another way, the criminal actions of the US have killed more people than the criminals did Auschwitz during the Second World War. The same story as Yugoslavia, this war had absolutely nothing to do with the security of NATO member states, they just acting as the American Foreign Legion under the NATO flag. The city of Fallujah as well as others also suffers due to DU munitions causing a whole raft of radiation-related health issues.


Gadaffi was certainly a wild politician, but the standard of living in Libya was the best in Africa before the US turned up. Whilst a complicit UN aimed to aid rebels attempting to overthrow him in 2011, the real reason that NATO turned up was his wanting to sell his oil outside of the US dollar. Since then, internal strife has racked the country, it today being as divided as at any time during the last decade. Disease, hunger and even slave markets have now appeared, America’s space age weapons sending the Libyans back to the Stone Age just to ensure that Washington keeps control of global oil shipments.


Finally we come on to Syria, this conflict being ongoing with a continued (and illegal) US presence. Bashar al-Assad resisted pressure for a pipeline going through his country as well as his country operating outside the dollar. Unsurprisingly, what had been a relatively stable country was soon racked with riots, which soon turned to war. Fortunately for Damascus, Russia was by 2015 in a position to help, Moscow achieving more results against the Islamic State in a year that the US had in five. In the past decade, upwards of half a million people have died as a result.

From these past wars, they being only a few of the operations carried out by the US, the history books are drenched in the blood of murdered civilians. Whilst many of the leaders that the US attacked were hardly saints themselves, the river of blood invariably leads to the door of the White House.

An Ivory Tower.

One only has to look at the disdain of successive presidents and their military leaders to see that the US is distanced from its crimes both geographically as well as mentally. It has waged its wars over the last eight decades against adversaries who never had a chance to strike the very government that had attacked them. A narrow strip of water that had defended Britain from Napoleon, Hitler and other European marauders was in the case of America an ocean, only a few submarines in World War Two being able to harass shipping on the western side of the Atlantic. The advent of missiles put paid to that immunity, yet those such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi who did have missiles could not reach across the vast stretches of ocean that separated them from their attackers. Not only that, the Oval Office ensured wherever possible that it based its assets away from home, third parties playing host to Uncle Sam’s destructive roadshow. This, just as is the case with the British Empire in its heyday has led to great arrogance in the ruling classes, be they politicians, military or the industries that make all this possible. The dollar also deserves mention insofar as it has also been a tool that Washington has used to leverage trade. For decades it has been the reserve currency of the better part of the world, yet increased resistance to those in the beltway have seen a more reserved use of what was the global currency.

A Lucrative Game.

As time passes, the form and method of governance invariably evolves, yet those ruling classes have now not only come to rely on each other, as a triad they have come to dominate both domestic and international affairs. With companies funding election campaigns and once elected, the politicians lining their sponsors pockets with orders, the military then rounds off the trio by using the products to their bosses’ advantage. This merry-go-round of money, influence and power is what makes the Capitol tick, yet just like a Ponzi scheme, the further this agreement runs, the further it has to run in order to avoid collapse. One only has to look at the increases in election spending to see that this inevitably means subsequent increases in military spending on their backers wares, ever more threats and wars being necessary to keep this self-destructive cycle in motion. The disparity in wealth across America is just one sign that this process is increasingly becoming a drain on the coffers, yet it would require the ruling classes vacate their ivory towers for this to reverse. Whereas 20 years ago a few minor conflicts would keep the boat afloat, today DC needs gunboat politics against both Russia and China in order to justify the status quo.

Breaking the Rules.

It is the need to push harder and against greater enemies that will be the downfall of both the status quo and those who benefit most from it. Having pillaged and destroyed with impunity decades ago, rather more humble gains now await those who have lived well for so long. Whilst many countries had their gold bars shipped stateside for ‘safe keeping’ and their oilfields taken by American companies, Russia and China are rather tougher nuts to crack, and the threat of conflict with them is starting to show the first cracks in the ivory towers. For all the influence, money and power that America holds, this is now being surpassed by China alone. If one then adds Russia into the equation, both warhawk and warrior alike start to baulk at the potential outcome. Not only does that mean that a marauding US is at a disadvantage on the battlefield, for the first time in its history, it might reap as it has sown. The sweet low hanging fruits of yesterday are gone and not only are today’s offerings rather more bitter, they could actually poison the system that wishes to destroy them. With the East going up and western decadence sending it down, the seesaw of global power is tipping away from the US, drastic measures being needed to delay what is becoming inevitable.

Breaking the Game.

As the seesaw tips in favor of the East, the US needs to look East in order that it not go south. The issues of both the Ukraine and Taiwan have come to the forefront of its agenda during the last few years, Washington needing to not only command more countries in those regions but ensure the East commands less. Russia has drawn its red lines whilst Beijing has made its points clear, yet the only way the US is able to continue its politics is through pigheadedness, threats and a lack of diplomacy. This can only go so far without there being serious consequences, yet this is where DC can come really unstuck. In contrast to every conflict over the last century, if the White House does push too hard, Russia and China can push back. More importantly, they can do so through attacking the US on its own territory. This in itself would not be remarkable but for the fact that this just does not figure in the mindset of the average American. The last 100 years has seen war over much of the globe, Europeans knowing all too well the destruction that war brings. Other than Pearl Harbor, (which was actually not part of the US until 1959) the US has never really been hit on home turf, and the shock to the public could be as devastating on the public psyche as damage done in an attack.

The Fallout.

Fallout may be a consequence in more than one sense of the word should the East strike back, yet the entire model of the American way of life would have to change as a result. Arrogance, influence, threats and money would all be acutely affected by the unthinkable happening, yet that’s only the beginning. Domination has made the country what it is, but should Washington lose this, it would lose everything. It only got as big as it is through overseas presence and threats, a nation of gun-toting citizens eventually shooting itself in the foot. Take it out of foreign lands and you take away a huge chunk of its power. As a reborn nation, it would have to stand on its own two feet rather than the toes of others, yet such changes would be needed in the American mindset that this may in turn cause the balkanization of the US as we know it today.


Uncle Sam has been taking all kinds of vacations in foreign lands since the end of the Second World War, this being a cornerstone of his dominance, yet take America out of others affairs and one takes a great bite out of what makes America tick at home. Fifty years of of a ruling élite scratching each others’ backs has left the world with innumerable scars, but the road that American has trampled across the globe is a one way street. Not only can past sins not be pardoned, the road ahead is littered with many more not yet committed. How much further Washington can go is open to speculation, yet having played a game of winner takes all, any loss it suffers will be absolute, both at home and abroad. Looking at how America ran helter-skelter out of Afghanistan leaving its allies behind, should Russia hit back as it increasingly might, do not think for one moment that it would not abandon Europe with equal haste should the situation require it. Take the American presence out of Europe, and the remaining armies would fall like a house of cards. The same gamble applies in the Far East, with Guam, South Korea and Japan being under occupation for over half a century. If the Chinese dragon starts to breathe fire, the Americans will run before they get burned.

An empire was born of isolation and size, the resulting freakshow that America’s global presence has become is worthy of any horror movie. That monster, pieced together from power, might and money has given much of the world nightmares since the 50s, yet as a new multipolar star starts to shine from the East, the globe is looking at America in a new light. Far from being the dominant force it once was, both at home and abroad, a new dawn in history is ensuring its eventual doom. Unless the country, the establishment, military and above all the people are able to adapt to America’s new status in the world, the monster that it has become will be broken into pieces, a nation akin to Frankenstein’s monster suffering the same balkanization that it wrought upon so many others…

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