Z, but not Zulu.

It might look bad from the surface, but the people who have occupied its bunkers are immeasurably worse.


The Azovstal complex in Mariupol has come under intense media scrutiny over recent weeks, not least due to the most insalubrious individuals that have called it home since being routed from surrounding areas by Russian forces. This last outpost of the Azov Batallion and other right-wing nutjobs is now surrendering to Russian forces, and with it, a number of mercenaries are certain to appear, this bringing with it more questions regarding the fortunes of those misguided western soldiers of fortune who flocked to the Ukraine in the wake of Russia launching its Special Operation in February. This article will take a look at Azovstal, its occupants and the impact that this may have upon the wider situation.


Before we look at those who have been holed up there, we must first look at the factory itself. A former steelworks originally constructed in the 1930s, it was once the largest producer of steel in Europe, but as with many industries in the Ukraine, productivity tailed off sharply after the country gained independence. More pertinently to current affairs, at the time of construction, an extensive system of bunkers was built under the site in order that it could serve as a refuge in case of war. There are upwards of thirty kilometers of tunnels on the site, with power generation, ventilation and water purification equipment to complement the inherent security this facility offers. It is for this reason that both the extremists used this as their bolt hole and that the siege has lasted as long as it has, the savages that have terrorized the region for nearly a decade having everything they needed under the ground.

Buried Treasure.

With the plant having the underground facilities that it has, this was an ideal location not only for the Azov Batallion’s last stand but also for conducting research away from prying eyes. Innumerable reports have documented the extensive research carried out on bioweapons in the Ukraine by American companies for years now, but with the nazi nutjobs now no longer being in residence, Russian forces will be attempting to glean every bit of evidence regarding the activities that have been carried out there over recent years. Documents have already been published by the Russian authorities regarding transgressions elsewhere, yet with this site having the importance it had for overseas companies and governments, there may be much to be learnt over coming days and weeks.

Low Morals, Top Brass.

Not only was dubious research being conducted, but it was overseen by some very high-ranking military officers from overseas. We do not yet know who may have been keeping the nazis company in their subterranean lair for months, but Trevor Cadieu, a former Lieutenant General of the Canadian army was captured a few weeks ago and is now in Moscow. Whilst allegations of sexual misconduct saw him leave military service, he is most certainly still very much ‘in the loop’ regarding affairs of state and it is most unlikely that he would have been the only western dignitary present in Mariupol. A number of research establishments were manned exclusively by foreign staff, Ukrainians not even being allowed to enter certain facilities. With Azovstal being as notable as it is, it would again be fair to suppose that there may be a goodly number of foreigners, mercenaries, experts and otherwise leaving the darkness of their catacombs in the very near future.

Buried Truth.

Now that we have seen those who may have spent the last two months of their lives hiding like rats in a burrow, we have to examine how this whole affair has been played for all it is worth in the West. In spite of every scrap of evidence pointing to a bunch of neo-nazis playing hide and seek in a western-run establishment, the Washington-led media has portrayed developments as anything between the defense of Camerone to Custer’s Last Stand to the defense of Rorke’s Drift, a bunch of wayward headcases being western heroes. Certain outlets are even quoting the Ukrainian authorities who claim that the surrender means that their mission is accomplished. Additionally, until a couple of weeks ago, the West was wailing regarding the welfare of the children and civilians trapped in the complex, accusing Russia of violating international law and the moral decency of society, yet never once did anyone ask how these unwitting victims managed to get there in the first place. Saddam Hussein may have been lambasted for using human shields decades ago, but the media has shielded the nazis very well indeed. The coverage and resulting public perception of current events is worthy of an encyclopedia in itself, yet despite these idiots eventually giving in to the inevitable, everyone from the Ukrainian Armed Forces to Washington to NATO (ie Washington) are painting a picture of fortitude rather than fascism.

Can of Worms.

With the surrender of Azovstal, the occupants have gone from rats in a hole to fish in a barrel. Whilst history has proven that nazis seem to spend most of their lives in bunkers, be that in Berlin, Kiev or Mariupol, with Russian forces now detaining all of those coming to the surface, very many now have a very different and difficult time ahead of them. Only today, the Russian State Duma is considering a bill that would prevent nazis from being part of any prisoner exchange, and along with foreigners, be they mercenaries or personnel concerned with biological research, the usual rules of war just do not apply. Yesterday a total of 256 personnel left Azovstal, these today being transferred to the Russian Federation and it is expected that hundreds if not thousands more will rise from the depths. In spite of there being electricity and water in the complex, medical supplies were exhausted, meaning that very many of the wounded could not receive proper treatment, injuries and infections reaching a critical point. This has meant that today, there was a queue several hundred meters long comprising of both ambulances and buses, all waiting to take the prisoners away to be processed accordingly.

Spoils of War.

The resources, both human and material that were based at Azovstal are of extreme interest to Moscow, but the implications of the research carried out there may be further-reaching. Should any of the research be proven to have been tested on humans or have been intentionally released, this will take a local war to a global scale. The fact that evidence has already been disseminated regarding the study of using migrating birds as a vector for infecting areas away from the release point (‘Flu Fly Away’) is alarming, yet should the work from the Ukraine correspond to known outbreaks, this will cause unprecedented furore.

The individuals being arrested may also have tales to tell. The Russian authorities are well aware of some individuals present, their past internet posts being their future undoing, yet there may be some who were taken there against their will. Others may want to strike a bargain, they being treated leniently in return for giving information to their custodians. What is interesting is that the commander of the Somali Batallion, a military unit that has been fighting the Ukrainian extremists since 2014, has restricted the filming of those leaving the compound. Quite why this measure has been implemented is unclear, yet until Azovstal has been completely evacuated and the identities and roles of all concerned have been ascertained, the Russian forces probably wish to keep a tight lid on all developments. One point that is worth noting is that some of the occupants of Azovstal wished not to go to Russia, but to a third country. The fact that the DPR is not yet officially part of the Russian Federation has not been overlooked by Moscow!

Z Against Zulu.

The situation against the Ukrainian extremists hiding in Azovstal has been likened in the West to the film Zulu, this depicting the defense of Rorke’s Drift from the Zulus by a small British garrison, yet it is the letter Z that is now smelling the roses of victory. In spite of western efforts to hide the truth and tell tall tales, as with so many other places in the Ukraine, it is only when a place is liberated that veracity comes into play. We all heard the lies regarding Bucha, but the civilians that were freed from Azovstal have never had their story told in the West. And what a story it might be, of witless extremists and western experts, the sum results of placing known fascists in the regular armed forces. Washington’s useful idiots are now no more in a country that is today nothing more than a useful idiocracy.

Zulu might be for some the last letter of the phonetic alphabet, but it is Z that has had the last word in eliminating its greatest enemy…

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  1. Very good article!!! Russia rid the world of the Nazis in 1945 and is doing again! Spacibo Rossya!!!


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