Judgement Day

The ruble is rising, but not as fast as the West is failing.


It cannot have escaped most peoples’ notice that prices of certain goods have been hiked sharply of late, this being due to a number of factors. This short article will look at the Russian aspect of this issue, examining how current events both in and out of Eastern Europe are going to affect global life in coming months.

The Death Penalty.

Long before the Maidan coup of 2014, the western world was attempting to not only further its interests in Eastern Europe but also ensure that a world that had come to be ruled from Washington would continue to be so. In spite of all the headlines in 2014 and thereafter, Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula was used as the ideal excuse to level the sanctions and restrictions which were placed on Russia and certain individuals. Until that time the West had managed to get what it wanted through leveraging and pressure, this being seen by most as the most effective manner in which Washington could maintain its supremacy over world affairs. Not only were audiences told that Obama could ‘bring Russia to its senses’, but many in DC had for so many years been so used to wielding power in this way that they believed the headlines that their own organizations were writing.

The Trial.

There was however a slight problem. Rather than Russia’s attitude being a fly in the ointment of the western establishment, it slowly grew into a rather larger beast, and in spite of Washington, Brussels and NATO ramping up the pressure how they saw fit, Moscow just did not see the status quo unipolar rule they sought to continue fit for purpose. Whereas the smaller or weaker nations in the world that the West had previously assailed finally capitulated, a strengthening Russia and a nuclear-armed one at that not only viewed the western past with disdain but made every effort to ensure it was not ruled by a western future.


The world was told that the East needed the West and should the power brokers in Washington, Brussels and London slam the door in Moscow’s face, the Kremlin would face a very bleak future ahead of it. In spite of the headwinds and approaching storm, clever financial policy ensured that the Russian Federation actually outperformed some of the European nations that were railing against it, the ills of transatlantic malfeasance harming the effectors more than the affected. All the while, presidents and press have continued to distract their population from their domestic woes with others created overseas.

Closing Arguments.

It is against this backdrop that the people of western nations are not only clueless as to the truth behind current affairs, but completely blind to the consequences. They were led a merry dance over more than a decade to the tune of Uncle Sam’s politics whilst the western world went as far as preventing the defendant from stating his case. This however will only exacerbate matters as we move forward.


As with any matter in these trouble times, not only did Washington wish to ensure that it had a hand in everything, it also required to be judge, jury and executioner in all global matters. It was for this reason and this reason alone that in western eyes Russia was guilty of all charges, this meaning that they would attempt to hang the Russian Bear merely for standing up to their decades-long effrontery.

The Noose.

It is only when we reach the gallows that things start to go awry. A western establishment has created a show trial worthy of Stalin, yet for all that has been said and done, it was, is and will continue to be the head of western existence in the noose. When we step back from the bluff and brinksmanship, empires have always been built upon the resources of others, yet in a post-colonial era, European states need Russian grain and gas just as much as the American Empire needs European domination to survive. When we look as hydrocarbons, foodstuffs, fertilizers and minerals, these are principal Russian exports, and without these, the western world as it stands today will slowly be strangled.

The Drop.

The drop is the nuclear option which the Kremlin can use whenever it sees fit. With not only western nations but those who supply them needing the wherewithal to maintain the western-led status quo, any shortfall or delay means disaster. The current supply chain issues are an excellent case in point, some goods from Asia now having lead times of over a year. Far more importantly however, with global grain yields set to fall this year, a lack of fertilizers is only going to make a bad situation immeasurably worse. Add to this the fact that not only is Russia such a large energy exporter, but that the supplies are so tight in the current economic climate and it’s difficult to understand why the western world would choose to bite the very hand it needs to help it.


The last two decades have seen something akin to a crusade by the western establishment against Russia and its people. In a time when the West has created a ‘winner takes all’ global economy, it beggars belief that this was all done in the full knowledge that the West was in the noose of dependence on Russian materials, nobody ever admitting that Moscow had its hand on the breadbaskets and fuel pumps of the world. Even more importantly, it is Russia’s hand on the rope meaning that the ‘unfriendly nations’ have effectively committed suicide, the breakneck speed in which nations have affronted Russia being the hangknot of their own demise.

Today through Moscow’s maneuvers, the world is paying for goods in rubles, millions complaining about the price of gas. This is already leading to soaring prices and plummeting stock exchanges, but only when food becomes scarce will western governments be forced to face the ramifications of their recklessness. The western world may have passed judgement on Russia years ago, but for the West, the real judgement day is fast approaching…

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