Holodomor 2.0

Just sent by a friend. This is how the road from Nice to the border of Italy looks like. Solid trucks. The column stretched for 40 kilometers. Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian numbers. What are they carrying? Food from
They are convinced that it is needed in Europe, and not for the unfortunate fighters of the armed forces of Ukraine, who were abandoned and betrayed by everyone. And now there will be nothing to eat. Photo ©️ Maria Zakharova


Recent weeks have seen alarming news regarding not only price hikes for energy, but also for foodstuffs. This may just be the tip of the iceberg for western markets, yet things may become markedly worse for the Ukrainians as the year comes to an end. This article will take a look at what could be a new Holodomor.

The Past.

The Holodomor of the 1930s is a chapter of Soviet history that has been told and retold on innumerable occasions, yet suffice to say that millions died in the Ukraine as well as in other parts of the Soviet Union due to political reform, bad weather but above all, bad agricultural management on the part of Moscow. This event has been in the spotlight ever since, the West claiming brutality and an inhuman indifference whilst facts point to a combination of issues. Even though the famine that killed millions nearly a century ago remains a huge catastrophe, another equally devastating blow may hit what remains of the Ukraine before this year is over.

Reiteration of Russia.

Observers of Eastern European affairs cannot have failed to notice that since Maidan, the Ukraine has been an American plaything to be used and abused as Washington sees fit. That was also the case in Russia after Gorbachev foolishly accepted Reagan’s offer of democracy, and in the years after 1991, the US and other nations robbed the country blind, turning a stagnant economy into a failed one; twenty years of hard work were necessary to right the wrongs of western robbery. Other nations have also suffered the same fate, only opening their doors to Washington in order that Uncle Sam can run out of the door with another sucker’s riches.

Russian Realities.

With both Russia and the Ukraine being huge exporters of innumerable materials, Russia’s Special Operation is obviously causing uncertainty and tension in certain circles. Whilst to date most news stories have concerned matters regarding oil and gas, the increasing dilemma regarding grain is causing headaches around the globe. This is of no worry to Russia and in all honesty should, even in the light of current happenings, cause little concern in the Ukraine, but for all the potential that the country has to offer, this is to no avail if the resources that it produces do not reach its own markets.

Highways and Highwaymen.

In light of a projected global shortfall in both cereals and fertilizer exports from Russia, speculators and governments alike are both attempting acquire and subsequently hoard any foodstuffs they can get their hands on. With the Ukraine not only having stores of grain but also rampant corruption, both in and out of Kiev, this is enabling a huge outflow of agricultural materials from a country that will soon be in very dire straits. As mentioned by Maria Zakharova yesterday, there are certain freeways with kilometer-long convoys of trucks driving foodstuffs from east to west, highways carrying goods that have been obtained by modern-day highwaymen, a western heist being transported away from those who will need it. As previously mentioned, the plight that will face the Ukraine as the year comes to an end will be more a case of others attempting to play the markets than local agriculture playing games, yet under the auspices of paying off debts, Zelenskiy and his merry men, along with an undoubted army of corrupt officials are ensuring that vital foodstuffs are leaving the country faster than the oligarchs did in February.

The Gravy Train.

There is one simple fact to be repeated here, and that is that the Ukraine has been an American plaything to be used and abused as Washington sees fit. This is as true today as it was in 2014, but as convenient as it was for Nuland to feed the Ukrainians with cookies at Maidan, it is equally opportune that a failed Ukraine feed the money markets and western world today. Joe Biden said earlier this month that ‘Ukraine has 20 million tonnes of grain in storage that the USA and its allies are trying to help ship out of the country to address some supply issues and high prices.’ Reading between the lines, he is merely saying that he knows that if he can get it out if the country, using its leverage, the US can get it at a bargain in order that prices don’t rise and that therefore markets don’t tank. In the face of a rising ruble, crashing stock markets and the real possibility of prices going through the roof, Washington will bring the Ukrainian house down if it keeps American inflation in check. The G7 group has also been discussing actions to enable the Ukraine to export its grain, yet for all their words of magnanimity, nobody explained why a country that needs all the food it can get should be sending it to the very nations which started this conflict in the first place. Moreover, with the western media increasingly become derailed in its coverage, today’s gravy train can be used to accuse Moscow of repeating past sins should the country’s foodstuffs have been spirited away.

Russia to the Rescue?

With Moscow having made the gains it has, and certain areas of the former Ukraine never returning to Kiev’s control, the number of people facing difficulties will naturally be reduced. The Russian Federation is not going to let those in its sphere starve and whilst taking economic bullet to do so, apportioning a percentage of this year’s harvest to bale out certain regions is more than a possibility. That will invariably come at the same time as a number of oblasts (states) finally leave the Ukrainian Hrvinya behind, the ruble becoming ever more predominant in areas that are now securely under Russian control. As for the territory that is unfortunate enough to remain under Kiev, true hardships may be experienced. Not only will there be a shortage of the basic foodstuffs, one has to remember that western governments are not going to throw money and materials at Kiev forever. Washington has already blown close to $50bn in support to the nation and with Europe not only throwing money but also worryingly large quantities of military equipment at the country, this generosity is not going to continue forever.

Pay and be Played.

The western world will for the immediate future continue to support Kiev if only for the short-term benefits that Ukrainian assets can offer it. The Ukraine is for the moment at least playing a part on the Eurasian chessboard, a pawn serving its king and the broader game in play, but the king is only keeping the pawn in its current form for as long as it has a role to play. The moment that it becomes a liability of Washington’s brinksmanship and greed, the game will change, the pawn being sacrificed and turned into a sacrificial lamb to be used against Russia. In a dog eat dog world, it will be both the lamb of the Ukraine and the sheeple of the West who serve the Wolves of Wall Street, the misery of millions ensuring the success of stock markets.


As has been seen on numerous occasions in the last few decades the victim of western politics subsequently becomes the victim of its avarice, a useful idiot serving a purpose until it is of no further use. A path of destruction through the Middle East has left millions in misery and should the remnants of the Ukraine continue to empty their cupboards, a similar fate awaits it and millions of its inhabitants. Those areas fortunate enough to be on Moscow’s side will fare better, but for the West of the country, a very dubious winter will lie ahead.

Just as in Afghanistan when the US was handing out cash to contractors, there will be agents with cases full of dollars in the Ukraine ensuring that wheels turn and that the food which the country so desperately needs slowly rolls westwards. The former breadbasket of Europe is now a basket with a hole in it; today we see the riches that the country has, but get ready for the begging bowls when it’s all gone…

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