Just as in Germany during the 1930s and 40s, a sick individual has managed to destroy a land through the support of misguided followers.


One of the primary reasons behind Russia’s Special Operation in the Ukraine has been the fascism in the country, the reverence of certain historical people as well as their extreme ideologies having growing fast for nearly a decade now. This article will look at not only the arcane politics and individuals that have scarred the country over recent years, but the way in which the West hides their misdemeanors in the public eye.

Ideology and Extremism.

For all the arguments regarding extremists in the Ukraine, there are are two incredibly important points to be borne in mind. The first is that extremism is the antithesis of normality, an exact opposite of what normal life is and what normal people stand for. The second is that the vast majority of Ukrainians are precisely that, normal people. In spite of there being an uncomfortable percentage of the population wanting to wave swastikas and kill civilians, the average, normal Ukrainian Jozef Bloggski is just an ordinary person who wants an ordinary life in an ordinary country.

Fringe Mentality.

Even though in the minority, we still need to examine the average lunatics that will risk everything in order to fight for morals that are worth nothing. These make up the core of radical units, the kind of people who want to know you rather than you wanting to know them. When you look at the majority of them, they are covered in tattoos in the most visible of places and which are of very dubious virtuosity. The author has worked in a number of industries including construction and it doesn’t take long to realize that anyone with ‘body art’ on their hands, faces or necks is at best a bit odd or more usually has the acumen of a mango which probably explains why the more senior members of extremist groups have no difficulties whatsoever in recruiting village idiots in even the most remote of areas. For the most part they are in their twenties, and just like in any country, they are keen to impress both each other and the opposite sex. Ink and guns being in plentiful supply along with the fact that they are so impressionable means that there are throngs of these airheads wherever there might be cameras or action, yet for all their efforts, when viewed objectively most people with a brain in their head would just want to walk away from them. These are the people who make up the rank and file not only of the Ukrainian right-wing apparatus but also form the backbone of the lower ranks of units such as the Azov and Aidar battalions, wanting to feast on extremist dreams yet being little more than cannon fodder in case of war.

Central Figures.

In political circles as well as the military, those who lead the show are individuals that struggle to fit into other environments. Through either power, might or both, these individuals tend to be explosive and headstrong, people who expect obedience through an inability to obey. One only has to look at the statements from president or paratrooper alike to realize that anything resembling normality is not to their liking. Whilst not holding power as they would wish to in the Verkhovna Rada, Ukrainian political circles are still far more accommodating to nazi nutjobs than any other nation on the planet. That, coupled with the fact that certain paramilitary units such as the Azov Batallion were forcibly incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard, it should scarcely come as a surprise that with politics and the armed forces being as they are the country is as screwed up as it is.

Shaping the Show.

Having examined who the loonies are, we now have to look at how they fit into the abstract picture of present-day Ukraine. Every nation has its fair share of idiots and the Ukraine is no different. Local lunatics proved themselves to be very useful idiots indeed during the Maidan protests and subsequent coup of 2013-14, they being used to coordinate actions as well as train students and other gullible individuals in the art of producing Molotov cocktails and other weapons to be used against government forces. Once Yanukovych had been ousted, the opening act had been finished, yet there was further work for them, they creating an absolutely russophobic atmosphere in the country and attacking anyone or anything that stood in the way of their ideals.

Stepan Bandera and the OUN-B.

The truly pivotal figure in Ukrainian nazi ideology is Stepan Bandera. As truly a reprehensible character as he was, one has to make mention of Bandera due to the importance that has been bestowed upon him and his politics since the coup of 2014. Born in Staryi Uhryniv, then part of Austro-Hungary in 1909 and the son of a priest, he became a Ukrainian nationalist during his youth whilst studying at Lvov Polytechnic. In 1934 he was sentenced to death for the assisting in the assassination of Polish Interior Minister Bronisław Pieracki, but this was later commuted to life imprisonment. In 1939, he was freed and moved to Krakow in Poland which was at the time German-controlled. He at first collaborated with the Germans, being recruited by the Abwehr where in spring 1941 he assisted the Germans in the formation of the Roland and Nachtigall battalions. By June however, now as head of the OUN-B, the more radical faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, he declared the Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State, mistakenly thinking that if he offered to work on behalf of the Germans, he would have the backing of the government in Berlin. Mere days later, both he and those in his government were arrested and after refusing to repeal his previous declarations was first put under house arrest by the Gestapo and later sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1942, although in much better conditions than most others held there. As the fortunes of war changed and with Germany on the back foot, he was released in 1944 in the hope that he could muster support in the face of the unstoppable advance of the Red Army. He established the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council which united Ukrainian fascists and worked underground both during and after the war. In the years after hostilities ceased, the council continued its activities in Soviet Ukraine until its ringleader and many of its members were dealt with by the authorities. Bandera survived the war, yet was eventually liquidated by the KGB in Munich in 1959, putting an end to both he and his activities.

That would not be remarkable were it not for the most inhuman of crimes committed by the OUN-B during the war, these being every bit as heinous as those committed by either the Waffen SS or the copycat outfits that have terrorized the Ukraine and Donbass over the previous decade. The most famous of their numerous crimes were the massacres of Polish women and children in and near Volhynia which was at the time part of German-occupied Poland, civilians not only being murdered, but also raped, dismembered and burnt alive. This has later been interpreted as an attempt to prevent Poland from exerting any influence in the area of Galicia, yet viewed from any perspective, it was genocide in its cruelest form.


Since Maidan and the subsequent war of 2014-15, these lost boys have been given a free hand to do as they have wished, the new neo-nazi hierarchy able to promote a new mentality of Banderism in the country, and along with tuat, a historical revision of both the OUN and the persona of Bandera himself. The entire raison d’être of the new organizations revolves around recalling and then attempting to repeat former days of glory that never even nearly existed. For all the illusions that these psychos have, they are no closer to reality than the dreams of Bandera eighty years ago, yet this has not for one moment dampened their enthusiasm in either word or deed. Be it torchlight parades or parading on social media, not only do these renegade Rambos love the limelight, the publicity they have so desperately craved for years has been delivered in spades since February. And with that, we have to look at not only how they project themselves, but at how the West has projected them over the last few years.

Sociopath Mentality and Social Media.

Nazism and everything associated with it is in the author’s opinion the blackest of marks on civilization since the dawn of time, the ideology and symbology being prohibited in most civilized lands. Moreover, even after nearly eighty years, commemorations are held to not only celebrate the defeat of fascism but to remember those who perished in the process of its undoing. It may come as a surprise to some readers that in the light of Russia’s Special Operation in the Ukraine, Facebook and Instagram actually lifted the ban that they had placed on the Azov Battalion some years previously. Using the symbol of the Second SS Panzer Division ‘Das Reich’, not only were these sickos allowed to publish their ideology in front of millions, they were also able to recruit a number of foreigners, the fate of these currently being unknown. Further to that, many online retailers have allowed merchandise to be sold, swastikas, black suns and the wolfsangel that openly display symbols that for most only invoke hatred and fear. In spite of this, worse was to come.

ISIS 2.0.

In the full knowledge that organizations such as these were every bit as dangerous as those of Berlin two generations before, governments and media alike have treated them in exactly the same manner as various outlandish outfits operating on behalf of the West in the Middle East. Not only have they been painted as freedom fighters, their every move has been portrayed as a triumph in spite of every fact indicating the opposite. In just the same way as the war in Syria has been manipulated with stories and downtrodden stars, in the Ukraine, a story of valor and victory has been woven around units such as these, they playing very specific roles in the screenplay that the western media has engineered. Affairs get sillier still when we look at the recent surrender of nazis from the Azovstal complex. A bunch of beaten-up boneheads slowly crawled out of the wreck of the former steel plant like Neanderthals from a cave after they surrendered to the inevitable. Notwithstanding the testimony and truth, every effort was made in the West to wax lyrical regarding an alleged ‘evacuation’ of these terrorists. In the face of defeats such as this, the fantastic claims coming from Kiev concerning operations to ‘retake occupied territories’ are becoming increasingly farcical, yet for as long as there are idiots in the world that believe them, the western media will continue their charade.

Affecting and Effects.

Having been allowed to maraud around their country unchecked on their fascist crusade, these wannabe warriors have caused death, destruction, pain and misery to tens if not hundreds of thousands. Not satisfied with forcing their own crooked logic upon others, they have made it their business to persecute anyone with a mindset different to their own. The results of this have become ever more pronounced as Russia has made its gains across what was the Ukraine. Put simply, after eight years of suffering from the actions of their own wayward countrymen, this has not only created immense animosity against Kiev but also led the Ukrainians to view the Russians with far more welcoming eyes, the mindless rhetoric coming from their own forces being a world away from the treatment they get from alleged invaders. A much more worrying thought is of how this atmosphere will affect many Ukrainians as they head into the future, the rhetoric of hatred no longer being tolerated in the lands that are now under the control of Moscow.


Despite most Ukrainians being decent folk, a completely false ideology and history has been cultured over the last decade, Stepan Bandera being deified by many. The result has been that a bunch of misfits and muppets have been allowed to run amok, they following the false gods of fascism and wreaking the devil’s work as a consequence. Moreover, political and military systems tolerant of nazis have ensured that the bad situation seen in 2014 is immeasurably worse today. People who are as mixed-up as a concrete mixer are tolerable when on building sites, yet when war becomes their trade, things never go well. In the Ukraine, this has produced military units who have acted little different to the Dirlewanger Brigade of World War Two, and their victims today are as glad to see their liberators as others were in 1945.

On the other side of the divide, the western world has quite literally given both fame and fortune to the fascist cause; millions of dollars in weaponry have been donated as well as millions of likes given on social media. The result is a country that is as screwed-up as the western perception of what is going on, nazis apparently being everyone’s best friend whilst normal Ukrainians are again making friends with the Russians. Stepan Bandera, his ideology and twisted supporters cast a huge shadow over both the Ukraine and global affairs. Until this is removed, the sun will shine neither on the country, its people or any part of the world that permits such hatred to continue…

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