Bridging the Gap.

The logistical corridor to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad has been cut off by the Lithuanians. What might this mean? Photo©️Tass


Last week saw the Lithuanian government prohibit the transport of EU sanctioned goods across its territory from the Russian Federation to the exclave of Kaliningrad. This article subsequent to a previous one that examined the Baltic states from another angle, will look at what this means and what reaction this may elicit from Moscow.

Past Histories.

After the fall of the USSR, the Russian territory of Kaliningrad became territorially isolated from contiguous Russia. The ‘isolation’ of this exclave had presented no problems prior to 1991 insofar as both Lithuania and Poland were both part of the Soviet sphere, this giving an unbroken link between the two. With states and sovereignties changing thereafter, this created a headache for Moscow at the time. The problem was solved however through an agreement between Moscow and Vilnius which allowed the crossing of Lithuanian territory, this treaty holding firm from November 1993 until only a week ago.

Present Politics.

The fact that all three Baltic states are members of both NATO and the EU is commonly known, yet as members of both organizations, they are useful stepping stones for western ventures eastwards, their potential as tinderboxes for a future conflict not being overlooked in Washington. Vilnius’ latest move, rather than being a decision of the Lithuanian people is a very dangerous move as the West attempts to put Russia in a position where it has to act.

Breaking the Bridge.

This is at first glance a straightforward maneuver on the part of the West, after having its proxy war turn sour in the Ukraine, Washington, London and the other tagalongs now want to see what can be gained by further antagonizing Russia. Think tanks have for years talked of a move such as this, yet until recently, cutting Russia off from Russia through blocking goods from passing through Lithuania made little sense due to there being maritime access to Saint Petersburg through the Gulf of Finland.

With global events being what they are however, both Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO only weeks ago, and with both sides of the Gulf of Finland effectively under Washington’s control, breaking Russia’s bridge now makes much more sense from a western perspective. Poland would love to count Kaliningrad as part of its territory in spite of the fact that the Prussian city of Königsberg was never under Warsaw’s control. There is another factor in play here, and this needs to be examined before we advance any ideas.

Dead Diplomacy.

When we look all the way back to post-Maidan Ukraine, we can see that Russia was diplomatic and understanding all the way. It was only in the last weeks of last year that Moscow became genuinely irritated by a West that was attempting to ride roughshod over human rights, diplomacy and common sense. In the time since then, the Kremlin has effectively turned its back in the West, following its own path. This has led to innumerable sanctions and measures, yet in spite of all the fanfare they have caused in the West, it is that same West that is now suffering the consequences.

In stark contrast to statements over the last decade, rather than the soft and diplomatic tone that came to typify Moscow between 2014 and 2021, the Russian government has immediately and firmly responded to this move by Vilnius. Quoting the Russian Foreign Ministry statement concerning this matter Moscow stated that ‘We pointed out in this regard that if the transit of goods between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of Russia through Lithuania is not fully restored, Russia reserves the right to take action to protect its national interests,’ Furthermore, Tuesday morning saw Maria Zakharova state on the Solovyov Live television channel that ‘They should be aware of consequences, and the consequences will follow, unfortunately.’ She then went in to say that ‘If Russia qualifies other countries’ decisions as “openly hostile,” there won’t be any attempts to find a “formula” to defuse the situation. Such steps are inadmissible, they will bring about an appropriate response,’

Rather than politely suggesting solutions and meetings as before, Moscow has immediately demanded that this situation be reversed, and should this not be the case, it reserves the right to take retaliatory action.

Dead Set.

Put simply, the Kremlin now realizes that any hope of ententé or understanding between itself and western capitals is dead as a duck in the water, the only way forward being through actions. Both the Russian government and its people are simply sick to the back teeth of the West attempting to stymie them at every step and little or no effort will be made to solve this problem in a statesmanlike fashion. Four months of fighting a proxy war has shown Washington, London, Berlin and Paris along with their cohorts to be attempting a rerun of Operation Barbarossa and actions such as this will no longer be tolerated, creating this a potential flashpoint.

Baltic or Bridge?

This leaves Russian military planners with two options, both of which involve an invasion of NATO member states. This may be seen as blatant aggression by most westerners, yet one only has to look to previous wars as well the current Ukrainian conflict to know that war and interference are the one thing that has made the West what it is. The two options involve either establishing a land bridge between Russia and Kaliningrad or simply conquering all three Baltic states as they stand today. Neither option is what Russia would want, but with Washington wanting war more than ever before, needs must.

Baltic Bloc.

Should Moscow decide to take all three states, things should be reasonably straightforward, the region today only really serving as a huge US military playground. Whilst small in size, the population of each is smaller, after getting much smaller when the Russians left and presumably much smaller still after the Russians return. As forces push south, refugees will be able to exit through Poland, this meaning that Brussels can invite even more displaced persons into its dysfunctional paradise, much to Russia’s delight. The acquisition of all states would also solve the issue of the Gulf of Finland, the Russian Federation now being on its southern side and therefore maintaining the functionality of the port of Saint Petersburg. Additionally, with Moscow now controlling the Baltic coast, this would reduce but not negate any operations by Swedish forces from the island of Gotland, therefore dealing another blow to NATO.

Baltic Bridge.

The other alternative is to take the territory necessary in order to form a land bridge between Russia and Kaliningrad. This would be best effected along Lithuania’s border with Poland, (yes, the Suwałki Gap) there only being a little over thirty miles dividing Belarus from Kaliningrad. There would obviously need to be sufficient depth to this bridge in order that it not be attacked or blocked by NATO forces who will by this stage be on the warpath. There is however a very interesting irony about this which needs to be stated.

Breaks and Bridges.

As matters stand today, Lithuania has, as part of the transatlantic empire, decided to cut part of Russia off from Russia. If Moscow was to go ahead with a land bridge rather than to take all of the Baltic territory, it would effectively cut part of NATO off from NATO, causing a real quandary for the West as a whole. With NATO’s northern flank suddenly isolated from the rest of the member states, the Kremlin would effectively be playing Washington at its own game, this sending the alliance and its members into an apoplectic tailspin.


When we look back at how history has developed into the present day, western moves have always been based upon the pretext of it not suffering anything more than token retaliation or effects from those it has chosen to oppose. Russia’s Special Operation in the Ukraine has proven that not only are there nations that will stand up to the western establishment, but when they do, that establishment comes up short.

In the case of Kaliningrad, western malfeasance has been engineered in the apparent knowledge that Russia can do little in return, yet as we have seen since February, Moscow is now most adept at countering western moves. Moreover, with the near-complete breakdown of East-West relations, Russia no longer wants to listen to those that refused to hear the Kremlin’s arguments for so long.

Many in the West still believe to this day that western nations can do as they please, Russia and others incapable of taking action. Should this situation not be resolved to Moscow’s satisfaction however, those still living in the world of Pax Americana may find a real war waking them up as well as putting the dreams of NATO supremacy and immunity to sleep forever…

8 responses to “Bridging the Gap.”

  1. Ineffective as war president, this Mr. Putin.

    Putin had atleast 3 months and more likely 3 years to see that he and his bank would be sanctioned but still he allowed to keep 300 billion dollar worth in hands of anglosaxon English pirates who already had confiscated Venezuela and Libyan wealth?
    Incompetency or what?
    Amazing to hear from putin apologists(russia’decret enemies?) justifying the actions of Russian traitors as some high level chess move beyond understanding of common men.
    300 billion dollars would have bought how many advanced weaponaries which would give more thrust to annihilate Bank or England and MI6 buildings in London and thus stop all talk of confiscating other nations’ money and supplying arms to help kill Russians?
    Bank of Russia chairperson Elvira Nabiullina must be publicly beaten to death for her treachery.
    But Putin recommended her for the post again!
    And he still keeps in Russian funded tv RT, that dubious character of anglophiles, Margarita Simonyan!!


    • Some world leader needed to stand up to the reckless West before it destroyed the East and with Putin in power, the role fell to him. Mistakes were made regarding Russian assets held in the West, yet the team that Putin has chosen to lead Russia into the future has been an evolution of both the country and the individuals themselves. Rather than being a revolving door of appointments and dismissals as we see with western governments, a decade of dedication is paying dividends.


  2. Russia must destroy nato and if not then atleast its main creator and plotter English pirates. (nato was created by England to occupy Germany and harass Russia with American arms.)

    Russia needs to cut the head of snake which is england
    After sorting out England, Russia will have no real enemy – not even usa.
    For that Russia must annihilate the real enemy which is England who plots all wars including Syrian war and both world wars.

    Russia must have weapons in numbers and not only a few dozens
    So go for war economy Russia – a war which is already being waged by 5 evil eyes headed by English parasite pirates.

    Or may be Hold on a second there Vladimir. Why not arm the protesters around the world with weapons. You are now the defacto leader of the free world since Trump has left office. Why blow everything up? Send weapons to anyone opposing the nwo, English parasites and great reset. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of disgruntled opposition and patriots all over the world that would support you.

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  3. All wars in Europe have been consequence of english plots to make two European nations (usually the two strongest ones) fight each other. Including 1st world war and then 2nd World War.
    Gulf war was plotted by witch thatcher, first Iraq war by criminal tony blair- this Syrian war  again by english rats which borne their ugly child ISIS.
    Tony Blair, who, when occupied Iraq, claimed that “we will become the British Empire again,” meaning that he will occupy the rest of the world too!
    Now the british are repackaging their dream as global Britain. Only when wars become unpopular, the english stop taking credit for that and let blame be placed on Jews.
    and stupid people including hitler blamed jews while it was all along the english parasites who l destabilise, plot and run the war (but those cowards do not fight in beginning-they come late to feast on already weakened enemy of the day.).

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  4. Wielding my Armchair Field Marshal’# baton, I thank you for this excellent article.

    The potential for turning the tables on NATO identified towards the end “Breaks and Bridges” brings to mind the phrase often used by Alexander Mercouris to describe the envelopment strategy in the Donbas campaign: breaking the opposition down through separation into “penny packets” for easier processing.

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  5. I’m reminded of the meme which says, “When goods don’t cross borders military’s will.”

    Anyone who’s following this story should bear in mind that much of this was ramped up when months before Russia’s Special operations, that Russia announced the gold backed Ruple.
    As a #flashback, think of Libya and what NATO and the US did to Qaddafi after the announced gold backed Dinar.

    Why is the West, namely the United States pushing so hard against Russia? In short it goes back to the late 1940’s with the NSC68 Doctrine, whereas to control all trade the United States launched a campaign, allegedly to fight communism, thus in that wake murdered tens of millions of people throughout the Indochina, Indonesia, Cuba, Central, and South America, as well as areas like Angola. These CIA driven covert operations were to expel the alleged Soviet threat.

    Before each campaign a vast number of movies like “Red Dawn” were released acting as a call to arms, to drive patriotism. However as former CIA John Stockwell noted, “No Soviets were ever found, war in-turn were waged on the predominantly catholic, and protestant people, using CIA trained Death SQUADS, squads whom like ISIS, had no problems literally butchering their own people.

    A secondary note: Out of the 120+ signatory countries who signed onto the ICC Courts, the United States is not one of those. Meanwhile those like George HW Bush would speak about the New World Order, the Rule of Law, not the rule of the jungle.

    Today’s Russia, as well as China is a direct threat to the National Security of the United States, it’s ponzi FIAT banking cartel, which is to enslave all mankind to the debt usury under vulture capitalism.

    As a theme of rampage, just as with the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, WMD’s alleged to be in Iraq, that the United States is not shy about killing millions of others in many countries, as well as with the current Ukraine of fighting to the last Ukrainian. Think of the hundreds of thousands of US soldiers sent to wage wars, the tens of thousands of suicides, as well as a list of active duty in all branches of the armed forces who are also committing suicide.

    Recall Henry Kissinger who once said, “Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in US foreign policy.”

    Soldiers don’t fight for their lands independence, don’t fight for their freedoms, and certainly don’t fight for their liberties. Look around to see what the West claims as democracy, where the citizens have zero say in anything, as well as videos from Klaus Schwab who openly admitted that his NWO boy’s, are embedded in nearly all governments.

    This Global Reset comes with a new digital banking system, where everything you buy, or will be allowed to buy, via a social credit score, every move you make watched. Then add the Green agenda, and climate lockdowns that are coming, the ending of fossil fuels, (Let’s blame Russia) the turning down of LNG fuel supply, the numbers that will freeze to death, if not already dying from being injected with fake vaccines that are Gene Editing mRNA that has been proven to destroy one’s immune system. Primed for the next “Leak” from a bio lab, most likely also blamed on Russia or China to get all on board for the coming wars.

    This was planned.. I invite you to go to YouTube and watch Mike Pence deliver his speech to those grads at West Point. Where Pence tells those, “That they will see battle, as he then names the theaters of the coming battles.”

    All to save the US dollar, in what ever form, paper or digital. To control the World through Full Spectrum Dominance, including using a Space Force.

    In closing, the United States is a proxy, as the real puppet masters are actually pulling the strings, just like in the Ukraine. I won’t say more as I might be falsely called out for antisemitism. #Voltaire

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